HTC First Discontinued Already


BGR has confirmed that HTC and Facebook’s little experiment is nearing its end. BGR has learned from a trusted source that sales of the HTC First have been shockingly bad. So bad, in fact, that AT&T has already decided to discontinue the phone.

Wow. Remember how proud the HTC CEO was at the Facebook Home launch? I have a strange feeling he’s not too pleased any more. Turns out people aren’t feeling the need for a Facebook phone after all.

Facebook adds feeling/doing sharing options

Facebook Asks You To Please Select Your Emotion:

It could make us more willing to express how we feel. Or you could say it over-simplies our complex moods and lives. But today the Facebook status update box began offering the option to “share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing” through a drop-down menu of emoticons and media. We’re entering a more structured era of communication, where both friends and big data know exactly how we tick.

As if Nielsen ratings could become any more useless.

It’s like the different moods that used to be on MySpace profiles, if MySpace had been around during the era of big data. I hate it, but it’s going to tell Facebook so much about everyone’s habits.

If people start using it, I bet this feature shows up on the Facebook Home lock screen.


Facebook Home as a first step to making an operating system

Matt Drance explains how Facebook is using Home to enter the operating system game at its own pace:

Facebook has loudly and confidently entered an arena it has no prior experience in, and has set a clear path to expand its influence at its own pace. Facebook Home will provide a halo effect to current Android users that warms them up to a full-blown “Facebook phone” in the years to come. It gives Facebook the experience, confidence, credibility, momentum, and time to build a better and broader mobile experience than they would have been able to build otherwise. It’s as prudent as it is ambitious.

From everything I’ve heard from or about Zuckerberg, this seems like the kind of move he would make. Small step -> Collect data -> iterate -> more data -> big step.