IGN Reveals First Dark Souls II Footage

Today, IGN posted twelve minutes of a knight getting bollocked repeatedly in a sit-down video talk with the director and global producer of Dark Souls II. Along with a look at several of the monsters and locales the player will be encountering in the sequel to one of the most intentionally difficult games ever made, the director spends a full two minutes of the video discussing how players will be able to die and experience death in the sequel.

Dying is a big part of these games. You’re supposed to die. It’s why I never got into the series and found myself frustrated each time I tried. Having recently discovered the joy of failure with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, however, I can see the appeal now. Maybe it’s time to give Dark Souls another shot? The new game certainly improves on the visuals to a point where I could see myself getting properly immersed.

Maybe that’s a bad thing, considering how often I’m likely to find myself on the business end of a spear.