Samsung announces Megazord

Engadget: Samsung Galaxy Mega is official and comes in 6.3- and 5.8-inch sizes.

Neither of those is very big for a Megazord. What the hell Samsung, I thought you were leading the push for bigger electronics?

Oh, this isn’t a Megazord. It’s a phone with a name that would have been cool in the 90s.


Anyways, Ubergizmo got a look at the phone. Here’s how they addressed where the Galaxy Mega fits in to Samsung’s lineup: 

The Galaxy Mega is not meant as being the new high-end specs performer. Instead, it is a smartphone that was designed to maximize the utilization comfort and the productivity of key visual apps that can run very well on a dual-core processor (like email, web pages, reading, typing, photos).

 You get worse performance in exchange for a bigger screen. Don’t think I could make that trade-off.