What will we do when all the jobs are gone?

After Your Job Is Gone:

Do you have a job? Do you like having a job? Then I have some bad news for you. The Guardian is worried “today’s technologies are going to remove people from economic activity completely.” Techonomy says “America’s real worker crisis is not immigration, it is jobs.” Om Malik asks: “People talk about robot-helpers and an army of drones, but…what is going to happen to millions of people who will be replaced by those drones and robots?”

Wrong tense: the right question is what is happening.

An excellent article by Jon Evans for TechCrunch.

Machines and the software that runs them are going to make most workers completely unnecessary over the next few decades. So what will we do?

It’s not like everyone can be a programmer or an engineer – hell, even those can be automated to a degree. Are we going to have a moderately-taxed classed of super-rich that finances a “basic income” (or in libertarian terms, “negative income tax”) for everyone else?

Or are we going to let millions struggle for the few jobs that are left until we go through some kind of global revolution that sends us back to the Dark Ages?