MinoMonsters Seeking Expansion to Multiple Platforms


Ever hear about MinoMonsters? It’s one of the top 50 grossing apps available for iOS, but its Pokemon-style antics haven’t quite reached its full potential audience due to only being available on Apple devices.

That could all change, as GamesBeat reports that MinoMonsters (the company that named itself after its flagship game) has acquired Playcraft Labs in an effort to bring MinoMonsters to multiple platforms.

This means that we could very well see Minomonsters on Android in the near future. While it’s odd to think of the mobile platform as mobile platforms, it’s now the reality of the marketplace, and releasing games on Android as well as iOS is all but necessary to see full market penetration. I say this as someone who recently picked up and spent money purchasing items for Punch Quest after its Android release last week. Had it stayed solely on Apple devices, I never would have bought into it, and wouldn’t be enjoying myself so much.

Making your game available to more people is just good business, and with Playcraft’s help, more people might know what a MinoMonster is before the year is out.