Capcom to Beef Up Online, DLC Development

Capcom’s recently released Overview of Strategies and Plans for the 2014 fiscal year reveals that the company is keen on making more revenue off of online games and downloadable content. Key points include a desire to “sell social games for many types of platforms” and “add more titles that are sold exclusively as downloads like ‘Dungeons and Dragons‘” (which I am personally very excited for).

To this end, Capcom will be releasing titles such as Monster Hunter Online in China, as well as browser games like Onimusha Soul in Taiwan to better reach the global market. There are also plans in place to promote their Beeline mobile brand more heavily by opening a fourth studio in Thailand.

Amongst all of Capcom’s plans and projections for the fiscal year, this makes the most sense. I’ve been playing mobile and online games almost exclusively these past few weeks, due solely to how quick, simple, and cheap they are. I also download way too many games off of the Xbox Live Arcade due to how cheap they seem compared to full retail games, and I love DLC extensions to my favorite titles. I know I’m not unique in either of these respects, either. So long as Capcom can focus on producing quality mobile, online,  and downloadable content, they might be able to keep a toehold in the market when everything shifts with the new console launches this Fall.

Of course, Capcom still has Monster Hunter 4 up its sleeve for the Japanese market, with expected total sales of 2.8 million units from its Fall/Winter release up to the end of the fiscal year.