Seth Meyers to Succeed Fallon on ‘Late Night’

Seth Meyers to Succeed Fallon on ‘Late Night’ –

Seth Meyers will be the next host of NBC’s “Late Night,” the network announced on Sunday. Enlarge This Image


The assignment will keep Mr. Meyers under the production leadership of Lorne Michaels, who will continue to serve as executive producer of “Late Night” as well as serving in the same position on Mr. Fallon’s “Tonight Show” as it moves to New York.


Mr. Michaels said: “The thing that’s staggering to me is that since 1982 there have been only three hosts, and Seth will be the fourth. And when you look at the company, it’s all pretty good company.”

Yay, more Seth Meyers! Weekend Update with Meyers has been my favorite part of SNL since I started watching it years ago.

‘Community’ worse off without Dan Harmon

‘Community’ Returns on NBC, Without Dan Harmon, Its Creator –

One of the many reasons to watch the first three seasons of “Community,” the fiercely quirky and unapologetically smart NBC sitcom, was that you actually had to watch it. Every offhand remark, every reaction shot, every bit of physical business communicated something (usually something funny). More than any other show in prime time it demanded that you pay attention. 

The sad simulacrum of “Community” that checks in Thursday for Season 4 makes no such claim on your concentration. Send a few e-mails, look at the television, order a pizza, look back at the TV. You won’t miss anything important, because there’s nothing important to miss.

Dan Harmon’s ‘Community was smart, hilarious, and referenced everything I like. The first episode of the new ‘Community’ was amusing at best.