Sony Removes Mobile Development Fee for Indies

While Nintendo is actively giving developers conversion kits to coax them into bringing their mobile titles to the WiiU, Sony is taking a very different approach by removing the $99 publisher licensing fee necessary to create games for the PS Vita. Word comes from Ars Technica that anyone can now download the SDK and produce games for the Vita, provided their efforts don’t contain any objectionable content.

Some Ars Technica insight:

It’s no surprise that Sony is doing everything it can to attract more developers to its portable. Sony has sold about five million Vita units worldwide, according to analyst estimates, a sales stall that has fallen well below Sony’s expectations. (Not to mention, there are roughly 30 million 3DS units out there.) Opening the system up even further to independent developers could help expand a mobile-phone style long tail market for Vita games while improving the system’s reputation for software selection.

This paragraph perfectly sums up why this is a great move. Do I want to convert my already-existing mobile game to the WiiU, or do I want the ability to craft a totally new exclusive experience and sell it to Sony and make some money right away? This is an excellent chance for small developers to get their games out there, and makes the whole market a lot more accessible. It doesn’t personally convince me to go get a Vita, due to a lack of games, but this is a step in the right direction.