New Mac Pro has decent CPU, insane graphics

Far Too Much Analysis Of The Alleged New Mac Pro Geekbench Score:

The new Mac Pro is also extremely power-lopsided: it will initially max out at 12 cores (almost certainly this exact CPU), which is upper-midrange by Xeon standards, but it comes with a ridiculous amount of GPU power. This is overkill to just be about future desktop Retina Displays — clearly, Apple’s pushing for pro and scientific apps to shift more of the heavy lifting to OpenCL.

Also perfect for professional photo/video editing and graphic designers. To be honest, I almost wish I had a reason to buy one of these bad boys. Maybe I’ll get one for doing continuous integration with Xcode Server when my projects start involving more people.

A little math suggests that a bigger iPhone would have 4.94-inch screen

A crazier prediction: iPhone Plus is real, and huge –

“The recently rumored, larger-screened ‘iPhone Math’, or more likely ‘iPhone Plus’, is plausible as an additional model (not a replacement) alongside the 4’ iPhone. And there’s a good chance that it would have a 4.94’, 16:9 screen.

The theory is easy to understand: perform John Gruber’s Mini-predicting math backwards. The iPad Mini uses iPhone 3GS-density screens at iPad resolution. What if an iPhone Plus used Retina iPad screens with iPhone 5 resolution, keeping the rest of the design sized like an iPhone 5?

Its 640 × 1136, 264 DPI screen would measure 4.94’ diagonally, and it would look roughly like this next to an iPhone 5:”

 Not going to lie, I think I would buy this instead of an iPhone 5S/iPad Mini combination.